Warranties Policy

Pro gutters aim is to provide our customers guttering solutions to prevent further roofing damages by channeling the water from the roof direct to appropriate areas
Guttering system collects and funnel away any water that land on the roof, protecting the exterior surfaces and stop the water from entering the home. Leaks prevention applied within a constant guttering maintenance. Guttering materials are commonly made from high quality water resistant Colorbond, zincalume, aluminium, stainless steel and PVC.
Pro Gutters services warranties covers:
Installation Warranties covers all types of installations required such as:

  • Box gutters
  • Fascia gutters
  • Square gutters
  • Round gutters
  • Quad gutters
  • Downpipes
  • Head rains
  • Gutter guard

Pro gutters cover warranty for a gutter installation is up to 5 years starting from the date of installation following the constant maintenance of the guttering system suggested by Pro gutters staff.

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Be advise that guttering maintenance is required in order for the warranty to apply. The lack of maintenance and constant roofing inspection can cause further leaking, detachment of the guttering system and will not cover the warranty damages and the repair of this damages will have an extra cost.

(Clause 2)

Guttering system damage from external parties or climate events will not be cover as part of the 5 years

(Clause 3)

Guttering removal, repairs or maintenance not completed by Pro Gutters staff member will not cover further damages in the installation system.

Products & Materials warranties

ACE Gutters (Main supplier) warrants that gutter, downpipes and fascia manufactured from genuine DURAKOTE pre-paint steel will have a life prior to perforation by natural weathering of 20 years from the date of installation.

Gutter Mantainance

Applied to all of our customer that have installed guttering by Pro gutters team will be specify depending on the site location environment.

  • Every 3 months maintenance: When the lack of gutter guard protection and
  • Every 6 months maintenance
  • Yearly Maintenance

Downpipes maintenance

Blocked downpipes is build-up of leaves and other debris, which can lead to overflowing or even high levels of damp if all that water nowhere to go except down the walls and into the ceiling. Pro Gutters Warranty covers downpipes maintenance included.

(Clause 4)

Downpipes blocked from external objects will required plumbing assistance.

Leak prevention maintenance

Pro Gutters provide a leak roof inspection by the constant maintenance of the gutters, Inspection is based on advising the client about the roofing conditions. Leaking preventions covers small roof tiling repairs, further this service we advised a roofing professional.
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