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If your solar panels just aren’t performing as well as they used to, or are covered in grime, dirt and other things, it’s time for a clean! Believe it or not, the same kind of mess that affects your gutters also builds up on solar panels. With our expertise, we can clean your solar panels and leave them sparkling, restoring their efficiency and improving their lifespan. If your panels need a clean, talk to the experts at Pro Gutters today and get a competitive, obligation free quote.


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Why Get Professional Solar Panel Cleaning?

When was the last time you had your solar panels cleaned? If your answer is “more than a year ago”, there’s a good chance your panels are due for a professional clean. Over time, solar panels lose their effectiveness, partly through age, and partly because of dirt and grime on your panels. Getting a professional clean can help maintain the effectiveness of your solar panels and increase their lifespan. Not to mention they’ll look like new again! Clean panels in public view can help you make a great first impression.

While rain does wash off some of the dirt on your panels, deep-set grime or even moss and lichen build-up can dramatically reduce your solar panel efficiency. With a deep clean and scrub, we can remove anything that could be reducing your solar panel’s efficiency.

Flat Solar Panel Cleaning

While general dust and dirt will clear with rain in time, deep-set grim will need a deeper clean. Of course, the exception to this is flat solar panels. Your flat panels will capture every bit of dirt, dust, and grime that finds its way onto them, as well as leaves, branches and more. This quickly and drastically reduces their efficiency and means they need cleaning regularly. We can set you up with a flat solar panel cleaning service that will maximise your solar efficiency year-round.

What Our Solar Panel Cleaning Service Removes

We use power washing tools and scrubbers to remove:


Dust and dirt


Leaves and branches


Flowers and pollen


Moss and lichen


Bird droppings


And more

solar panel cleanings service

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